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“Keeping Sight of What’s Important”



Meet Our Doctors

We Listen, We Care, We Keep Sight of What's Important.

  • Dr. Betsy Berends

    Dr. Betsy Berends Medford

    Dr. Betsy Berends was born and raised in Medford and attended the Medford Area Public Schools. She lives in Medford and enjoys swimming and spoiling her nephews.

  • Dr. Julie Thums

    Dr. Julie Thums Medford

    Growing up on a farm in Northern Illinois, Dr. Thums enjoys outdoor activities and describes herself as a small town girl at heart.

  • Dr. Perry Arndt

    Dr. Perry Arndt Medford

    Dr. Perry Arndt was born and raised in Medford, attended Medford Area Schools, and completed his undergraduate studies at UW-River Falls.

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What our patients say

  • Eye Care Center

    AWESOME! Super impressed, better than I thought! I was excited for my LASIK surgery, having worn glasses since I was a small child. The procedure was less painful than wearing glasses all the time. I’m seeing 20/20 now and am excited to choose sunglasses that I want, instead of my prescription dictating to me. Thank you Dr. Hofer of TLC Eau Claire and HealthView Eye Care Centers, I’m definitely more than satisfied with the results of my LASIK procedure.


  • Chris Bruggink_small

    I was concerned about the cost of Lasik, but it’s been a great investment. When I wake up I can see the alarm clock, I don’t hassle with contacts or glasses. It’s nice knowing I don’t have to bring extra contacts along when I go hunting, just in case something would happen or I’d rip one. Lasik is definitely worth the money, I’d do it again.


  • Friendly, Professional, Attentive, Accommodating –my experiences with HealthView Eye Care Center are all positive! My wife and I have trusted them with our eye care needs for many years. Dr. Baldus and the staff always make you feel very comfortable. When I have needed adjustments and ‘popped in’, they were more than happy to take care of my needs right way, and always with a smile. I really like my glasses and my last purchase included the magnetic clip sunglasses which are very nice. I am totally satisfied and highly recommend HealthView Eye Care Center.

    Ron ,

  • Randy Butalla Randy's Refinishing_small

    Loved them as soon as I put them on! Peripheral vision is great. No more head turning. Best vision I’ve ever had. Worn glasses since I was 15, best vision I’ve ever had. I’ve worn glasses since I was 15. The Varilux S Series Progressives I have now, are the best lenses I’ve ever had. As soon as I put them on I loved them. No more head turning, peripheral vision is great. Won’t give them up for anything!


  • I’ve worn contact lenses for over 10 years! As a teenager Dr. Baldus suggested contact lenses because I wanted more flexibility with my vision when swimming and participating in other sports and activities. Now, as an education major, contact lenses give me more freedom in both classrooms - as a student and as a teacher. Convenience is key for me; I can order contacts from HealthView Eye Care Center and they’re delivered to me hassle-free! Great vision, freedom, flexibility: I love my contact lenses.

    Morgan ,